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BuildFlow Bid Management Software optimizes the bidding process for construction professionals, boosting efficiency, increasing the chance of winning more projects, and streamlining the overall process.

Increase Efficiency:

Easily manage all aspects of the bidding process from a single platform. This saves you time and ensures that you don’t miss any important details.

Improve Accuracy:

Bid documents are consistent and easy to navigate, which facilitates better coverage and faster leveling.

Better Organization:

Keep track of all your bids in one place, making it easy to review and compare them.

How It Works

  • Choose potential bidders from the confidential database of vendors maintained by your organization.
  • Upload project specifications, drawings, and any other relevant documents related to the bidding process.
  • Utilize your company’s pre-made message templates to send personalized invitations to potential bidders for the project.
  • Bidders can update their bid response, view and download bid documents, and upload their proposal documents.
  • Updating and disseminating bid documents is a fast and easy process that involves selecting the relevant files and the appropriate message template.

Features and Pricing

  • All bid and contact information is kept private and confidential.
  • Screen potential bidders based on their previous performance through instant insights.
  • Generate a list of potential bidders within a matter of minutes.
  • See all bidding activity on a single screen.
  • Instantly distribute and receive bid documents in either electronic or paper formats.
  • The transition from the bid phase to the construction phase is simple and seamless.

* If your BuildFlow Company Account has Project Hosting and/or Document Management activated, Bidding is already included. However, you have the option to enable or disable the Bidding module.

* Free / Project / Month


  • Users
  • Bidders
  • Downloads
  • Messaging
  • File Storage

Digital Solutions

Enhanced Project Hosting

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CAD Management

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RFI Management

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CloseOut Management

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CAD Conversion

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Document Management

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Document ID

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Bid Management

Receive better bid coverage, quality bids and win more work.

Submittal Management

Streamline review, reduce errors, and delays, and enhance collaboration and communication.


Scanning turns paper-based documents into digital assets.

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